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AZ Lolita, Be Ambitious! [entries|friends|calendar]
Arizona Lolitas

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DS! Bouses and Brand! [18 Aug 2013|07:51pm]

Yay Blouses!!!Collapse )
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Demonia Shoes, GLB, BTSSB Catalog - All cheap! [03 Jun 2013|03:49pm]

 photo 1d9958f6-a393-4529-b6bf-7aa95b84f8ed_zpsee0222ff.jpg
GLB Issue 33 - $12 USD plus shipping

 photo 44ba95a7-ee1d-433a-9b97-aadb82dfa700_zpsb182092b.jpg
GLB Issue 17 - $12 USD plus shipping

 photo 5c0447dd-ed26-44db-bca1-084f50845146_zpsb39cfdb4.jpg
BTSSB Catalog - $6 plus shipping

 photo 48f3d3bb-844f-4bcf-bb0f-8de86eb4e82d_zps593416fe.jpg  photo 0925612c-5e72-4e9a-8af9-957822616a90_zps5f394120.jpg
Demonia White Shoes, size 8 USA - $15 plus shipping
These have scratches. Unsure if they can be cleaned off.

 photo b101b547-e9df-4f65-a2dc-fe045614e5f8_zps6e5f0945.jpg  photo 31650902-d9f5-46b8-95af-7e0616aa02db_zps0861ce9e.jpg
Demonia Black and White Shoes, size 8 USA - $25 plus shipping.
Slight scuffs. Nothing noticable.
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*curtsies* [01 Feb 2013|03:36pm]

Hello.  I'm new to the area and thought that I would make a post to find out where all the Lolitas here hide.  I've noticed this state seems to be just about as closed on the fashion / lifestyle as where I just moved from.  I signed up to the group on Facebook a while back, but I'm assuming that will take a good bit to get into if it's even still active.  I'm actually more curious if anyone (who is left) would be interested in joining a group on Meetup seeing as it's made for organizing group get-togethers and what-not.  Obviously it would be nice to make some friends who share the same interests as myself seeing as I don't have any in the area yet.  Thank you to anyone who read my post. o(^_^*)o
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MMMM...Sales... [29 Dec 2012|01:01pm]

Need Money!!Collapse )
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visiting phx [15 Dec 2012|10:52pm]

Hey lovely lolitas ~

I'm going to be going down this coming up wednsday to go visit my boyfriend for 2 weeks and i wanted to know if there is any nice tea rooms in the area i could visit. I saw this one called English Rose http://www.carefreetea.com/ and would like to know if it is a good place to go in lolita? I only wear sweet so idk if thats too much? Would you reccomend me make a reservation?

i tried adding your group on facebook but haven't gotten added in yet.

thank you ~
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Hello everyone! [13 Nov 2012|03:20am]

[ mood | embarrassed ]

Hi everyone! Well, I joined awhile ago but...yeah, things happened. But I'm back now, so I'll be active on here. =)

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DS! and WTB! SS! Yahoo JP Auction (20 % Reduced with new items!) [10 Nov 2012|08:24am]

Need Money!!Collapse )
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Hello :} [01 Sep 2012|05:34pm]

Hi everyone! *waves* 
I'm a fairly new lolita and a sophomore in college :O it gets pretty lonesome because I don't really have anyone near me to "connect" to. Meetups are almost always too far away from me too (I live in the east, east very east valley), so I'm hoping to talk to some other lolitas on here! 

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For Sale! [05 Aug 2012|08:44pm]

Nothing over $100!Collapse )
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Any other younger lolitas?? [27 Mar 2012|05:49pm]
Or am I one of the only ones?
I am a freshman and i really only know of one other younger lolita because she got me into the fashion. I have met some(really one) other loli from the community, xmamx. And I was just curious if me and my friend are currently the only lolitas in our community who havent graduated from High School yet.
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Fashion show! [14 Mar 2012|08:17am]

Hey! I am currently asking (and begging) people to join the jfashion show at ConNichiwa in Tucson march 23rd. The show is friday night at 7pm. I really would love it if you would sign up and walk the runway. We seem to be a bit short in entries this year. The rules and sign up are here.


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Strawberry Lolita Tea Party 2012 [03 Mar 2012|02:41pm]

To all the lolitas and brolitas in Arizona, We invite you to come join us again at Strawberry Lolita Tea Party ♥
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link? [29 Feb 2012|11:38am]

Where is the facebook group? Been searching for days. My wife and I were told we should join it while at Matsuri 2012, by two separate groups. One couple looked very confused when i mentioned livejournal. I think SailorPhoenix if you know who she is...
I'm mostly looking for any Lolitas and fellow 'Brolis' (Ii guess I'm stuck with the term) in the Flagstaff area.
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Ebay Auctions :) [11 Feb 2012|01:36am]

Hello AZ lolis :)

I just put up my part 2 sales which consists of 17 eBay auctions.
I know how shipping shoes can be killer so I just wanted to let you all know I am accepting local pick ups. (I have four pairs of shoes for sale!) I live in Tucson and my parents live in Gilbert, I frequently travel there. Message me with any questions!

EGL Community Sales Post


EBay Auctions

Thank you :)
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Meet up [04 Feb 2012|08:40pm]
[ mood | *sigh* ]

If I am right, there are no meet ups planned until Phoenix Comicon's tea party. So I was thinking maybe before then we could have a small meet-up, perhaps in March during spring break(Because we will all have time then and i dont have to worry about HS S&D stuff...lol) I have no ideas as to where and exactly when, but its just a suggestion, what do you guys think???

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az taobao go? [22 Dec 2011|09:34pm]

I was just wondering if people are interested in sharing shipping for a taobao go with taobaospree?
I figured I would order the items split the domestic and international fees and then hold a meetup for people to pick stuff up or bring their stuff to taiyou-con since I'm going.
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Thumbing It For Taiyou - CLOSED [17 Dec 2011|04:56pm]

Needs a ride and or roomy for the con.

I gots my ticket.  I am just trying to save 200$ by asking to see if anyone is interested in helping out a lowly loli. ^_^

Anyone?  Puuulllleeeeeeeassse? **super-duper doey eyes**

Thank you for all the feedback!  I have a wonderful friend who loves me very much who has agreed to help me out. <3
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Taiyoucon? [16 Dec 2011|05:21pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Is there any meetup planned for Taiyoucon? I'll be in town from the holidays until the end of January so I'm curious if there's anything planned for the con or otherwise in the Phoenix area during January.
(I don't have facebook, so I can't see if there's events posted there, haha.)

Thanks! :)

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DS or DT Btssb Blouse [12 Dec 2011|10:00am]

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Why Hello There Tucson Lolis [04 Nov 2011|04:54pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Fun times Ahead!Collapse )

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