deviantdear (deviantdear) wrote in azloli,

Why Hello There Tucson Lolis

When was the last time all the Tucson Lolis got together? 
None of those silly Phoenix ones! :P
Haha you know i'm just kidding! ^_^
But I would like to see us have another fun meetup and see more old faces in the crowd that are south of Phoenix!
Which leads me to the purpose of this post! 

What is a good day within the next couple months for a Lolita Meetup in Tucson?

A lot of us were considering another Loli swap meet since a lot of the Tucson Lolis weren't able to make it this last time? Or maybe a more classic lolita meetup such a movie and dinner? Are there any good movies coming out?

On the flip side we could have a less expensive themed one such as a themed potluck party with games and prizes :)
I wouldn't mind hosting! Or if someone else has a larger space depending on the number of people planning on attending.

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